Can we use fossil fuels and protect the environment?
We can and we do.
We put our money where our mouth is

We’ve invested hundreds of billions of dollars to produce cleaner gasoline and diesel fuels, and improve the environmental performance of our facilities and operations. Our innovations and outstanding compliance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state requirements are paying off – we’re enjoying cleaner air and water, all while reducing waste.

Our commitment is working

We have dramatically reduced emissions as measured by the EPA. We’ve made continuous progress while meeting stringent regulations and increasing production output to satisfy a growing need for the products we all rely on every day.

Emissions are down, even during increased economic activity

Since 1990 in the US, our Gross Domestic Product is up 200%, our population has grown by 30%, vehicle miles traveled is up 40%, and energy consumption is up 15%. It’s been a high-growth era, yet we’ve managed to cut the six most common emissions by 73%, and ozone levels have decreased 30%.1

1 Environmental Protection Agency, Comparison of Growth Areas and Emissions, 1980 - 2016

Transportation fuels are cleaner than ever

As of 2017, we’ve shrunk sulfur levels in gasoline by 97% and reduced sulfur levels in both highway and off-road diesel as well.

Did you know?

The industry's investments in innovation, technology and engineering efficiency coupled with partnerships between the public and private sectors have fostered environmental and public health, as well as economic growth.

Comparison of Growth Areas and Emissions
Chemical Recycling Chart