How do the refining and petrochemical industries keep communities and workers safe?
We think about that all the time
There are risks associated with operating any manufacturing facility

Petrochemical manufacturers and refiners work diligently to mitigate those risks through preventative equipment maintenance, hazard recognition, extensive training, and rigorous operating procedures. What is most important to us is ensuring that everyone goes home safely and protecting the community and environment.

The only way to achieve our goal of zero incidents is by making safety part of the culture

Petrochemical and refining facilities build strong cultures of safety. This culture extends from corporate leadership, who make it clear that safety is never compromised, to the employees on-site who are empowered to stop work if anything appears to be unsafe. It's important to remember that the people who work in these facilities are not just employees – they're friends, family, and fellow community members. Keeping each other safe extends far beyond a job duty.

Continuous learning, sharing, and strict adherence to protocols play a role as well

Petroleum refiners and petrochemical manufacturers collaborate with regulatory agencies and their communities to achieve low incident rates through a multitude of initiatives. The Bureau of Labor Statistics ranked the refining and petrochemical industries second and third out of 520 manufacturing segments for the lowest rate of injury and illness.1 We achieve these results through behavior-based safety programs, human factor research and detailed protocols and processes.

And, we are always improving

In addition to individual company and site initiatives, the industry is working together to reduce the frequency and severity of process safety events across the board. We collect industry process safety data, analyze that data to find opportunities for improvement, and then develop tools to help facilities improve their performance. We are never finished thinking about and improving safety.

Did you know?

The rate of injuries and illnesses is actually lower for the refining and petrochemical sector than it is for the professional services sector.2