Contact Congress: Stop EPA from banning cars and trucks that run on liquid fuels

The House of Representatives will soon vote on an important piece of legislation. We need members and supporters from our industry to help ensure Congress passes this bill. Here’s more about the legislation:

  • H.R. 4469, The No Fuel Credits for Batteries Act makes clear that EPA does not have the authority to add an electric vehicle provision to the RFS, a long-standing liquid fuel policy meant to support U.S. energy security and American-grown biofuels. Any decision to expand or redirect the RFS in this way needs to come from Congress.

Using the tools to the right (or below if you’re on your phone), you can customize a note to Congressional leaders and your representative in Congress urging them to support this bill. As always, be respectful and make a point to stress what’s at stake if Congress doesn’t act and EPA moves forward with its efforts to phase out traditional cars and trucks and the liquid fuels they run on.

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