New Jersey can’t afford CA’s extreme ban on gas and diesel vehicles.

Governor Phil Murphy has announced his plan to impose California’s ban on new gasoline and diesel vehicles right here in New Jersey. This ban—which could phase in as soon as 2026—was drafted by unelected regulators in California and our elected representatives in the New Jersey Legislature have had no say in whether this proposal should move forward.

 A ban on traditional vehicle sales would be terrible for New Jersey consumers, working families and our country’s energy and national security. It would also be a slap in the face to refining industry employees, industrial workers, contractors, and the suppliers and vendors who work tirelessly to provide essential energy and American-made liquid fuels to the people of New Jersey.

 Before the Governor can move forward with California’s ban, New Jerseyans have a 60-day window to submit comments against the proposal. Make sure your voice is heard by submitting a comment today!

The sample text provided on this page (below, if you’re on your phone, and to the right if you’re on your laptop or desktop) is just a starting point. You are welcome to add your own perspective.   

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