Driving the American economy

What types of jobs are available?

Really good ones

Job opportunities for everyone

Whether you have a high school diploma or a Ph.D., the fuel and petrochemical industries are hiring for a range of opportunities such as skilled craft professionals like electricians, technical professionals like physicists and engineers, administrative personnel, IT, cybersecurity experts, and more.

These industries offer competitive salaries and benefits nationwide

More than jobs, these are well paying careers all over the country that come with great benefits, and opportunities for professional growth and advancement. The average annual total compensation in the refining industry is $225,000 and its counterpart in the petrochemical industry is nearly $149,000. This is more than twice the national average.1

1 IMPLAN, 2018

If you are thinking about a career in our industries, there are programs to help you get started

There are numerous educational opportunities including scholarships, programs for veterans, and state and federal initiatives to prepare you for a career in our industries. Whether you are interested in learning a trade, translating your military service into a position in our industries, or retooling your business experience, there are programs that can help.

Did you know?

Career opportunities are available across the U.S. with concentrations in key industry states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, California, Ohio, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.