Driving the American economy

Why are the fuel and petrochemical industries so important?

Because they power human progress

We power human progress

Our industries make the 24/7 modern, global economy possible. As the world's population increases and as global economies develop beyond mere subsistence, our energy demand too will grow – and petroleum and products made from petroleum will remain essential to fueling human progress.

We keep America moving and growing

We make the fuels that power the trucks, planes and vans that get millions of people to work, to school, or to the other side of the world each day. We make the petrochemicals that go into nearly every product we use today from medical devices, to pharmaceuticals, to electronics, to food packaging, to sports equipment, and even to solar panels and wind turbines.  

We strengthen communities

Three-and-a-half million jobs are supported by 135 refineries and more than 320 petrochemical facilities. Together, these industries add billions of dollars to the U.S. economy each year. Our companies and our people are active contributors to their communities. AFPM members and their employees serve as volunteer firefighters, mentor in local schools, protect wildlife habitats, and much more.

Did you know?

Almost everything you use every day starts with just six basic petrochemicals — ethylene, propylene, butylenes, benzene, toluene, xylenes — that are combined with other chemicals and transformed into materials that make the products you use better.

Petrochemicals and protective gear

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