We Promote Policies That Power Progress

We advocate for policies that promote growth and investment in the refining and petrochemical manufacturing industries to help drive our economy, add jobs, increase energy security and remain competitive in a global economy. The following principles guide our efforts:

Transparency We support regulatory reforms, rooted in sound science, that enhance transparency, accountability and efficacy.

Free markets The refining and petrochemical industries welcome free-market competition unimpeded by market distorters, including mandates and subsidies. This includes ensuring that U.S. companies operating abroad are treated fairly through a system of trade rules that facilitate cooperation and regulatory alignment. Policymakers must also ensure the full potential of the modernized tax code is realized to spur growth now and into the future.

Balance U.S. policies should balance the need for affordable and reliable fuels and a growing economy with sound environmental policies. We cannot ignore the essential role and many societal benefits that petroleum fuels, natural gas and petrochemicals provide our nation and the world. 

Investment The global gains of the U.S. refining and petrochemical industries cannot be maintained or built upon unless our nation’s infrastructure keeps pace. Investment in critical infrastructure, including roads, pipelines, rail, inland waterways and ports, are key to accessing and expanding the use of U.S. resources.

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