Keeping employees and communities safe

How does the industry keep the environment safe during weather events?

Planning. Execution. Learning.

We are in this together

We understand the threat that storms can pose. We are committed to safe and responsible operations, continuously challenging ourselves to improve. With every storm we re-evaluate and adjust our scenario plans to mitigate risk and minimize the impact on the environment. By investing in preparation and the latest technologies, we have minimized emissions and impacts on the environment during weather events in compliance with stringent regulatory standards.

Environmental safety: We cover all the bases

We have taken measures like building and elevating new refinery control rooms, electrical equipment, pumps and compressors to avoid flooding. We have added redundant power supplies and generators. We have developed, executed, and continuously refined comprehensive hurricane preparedness and other weather event plans. And we have increased on-site containment facilities and developed additional operating procedures for startup and shutdown events.

Containment: It is our highest priority

If a weather event creates the risk of substances being released into the environment, we have several containment measures in place. Facilities have booms that absorb chemicals that might leak and float to the surface. We can set up dams to contain substances that might sink to the bottom of the floodwater. Facilities are also prepared to bring in heavy equipment and portable diking systems.

Did you know?

Preventative closures of refineries in advance of a major storm are a central tenet of our industries’ storm preparedness protocols. Shutdowns can take several days and are done carefully to ensure the safety of workers and the surrounding community. Following a shutdown, a “ride-out crew” typically remains onsite at the facility to monitor safety and any potential damage resulting from the storm. These preventative measures are effective.

Refinery Restart Process