Vote alert: Congress has the power to stop EPA’s car ban

Congress has the power to stop President Biden’s unlawful EPA policy that will ban most new gas cars, but it’s going to take Democrats and Republicans to protect consumer freedoms. The time for industry members and supporters to contact their Senators and Representatives in the House is NOW.  

Here’s what you need to know about EPA’s policy that will functionally ban most new gas cars and trucks:  

  • This spring EPA finalized tailpipe emissions standards for passenger vehicles that none of today’s gas, diesel or traditional hybrid cars and trucks can meet by themselves. The regulation is designed to force electric vehicle adoption and eliminate sales of most new internal combustion engine vehicles in just a few short years, regardless of consumer demand (read more about the regulation here). 

But the regulation doesn’t have to move forward. Congress has the ability to overturn the policy through the Congressional Review Act (CRA).  

The CRA empowers members of the United States Senate and House of Representative to overturn federal regulations within sixty legislative days after a final regulation is published (we’re in that window right now!).   

Using the tools to the right (or below if you’re on your phone), you can customize a note to your Senators and Representative in the House, urging them to stop EPA’s gas car ban. As always, be respectful and make a point to stress what’s at stake for you if Congress allows EPA to ban most new gas cars.  

Contact your representatives